AANLCP’s 2016 Educational Conference is FAST Approaching!

AANLCP’s 2016 conference, Blazin’ the Trail; Addressing Sensory Disorders Across the Ages,  offers a wide range of quality content, and attendee experiences designed to broaden your knowledge base, network with life care planning colleagues, and blaze a trail within life care planning the industry.

This conference is designed for life care planning and medical rehabilitation professionals at every level of practice. Whether you are new to life care planning, an experienced life care planning professional, or a medical rehabilitation professional this conference has something to offer you.

Here’s just a few topics on the agenda:

  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Autism-Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (L.A.M.P.)
  • Cochlear Implants, Bone Anchored Hearing Aids, Vestibular Dysfunction and treatments
  • Sensory Disorders

You don’t want to miss this educating and empowering events. Register Today and Blaze A Trail with AANLCP.


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