Calling all AANLCP Ambassadors!

Calling all AANLCP Ambassadors!

I recently was asked why I joined AANLCP and I realized it was because I found my home among like-minded, educated, mature nurses who have a passion for lifelong learning and for providing the best outcomes to the ill and injured population.    I glow when I tell others about the field of nurse life care planning and about our incredible membership.  This got me thinking about ambassadorship, I call it connecting others.

What is an ambassador?  According to the dictionary, an ambassador is 1) an official envoy; especially:  a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign or appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment and/or 2) a:  an authorized representative or messenger b:  an unofficial representative (traveling abroad as ambassadors of goodwill).  I propose that as members of AANLCP, we ALL are authorized representatives of our organization; thus we all are AANLCP ambassadors!

How do we demonstrate that we are ambassadors for AANLCP?  When you attend professional meetings and seminars:

  • Use social media to let others know about how that activity/topic is important to AANLCP
  • Promote AANLCP as your professional organizational home as you talk with other nurses.
  • Invite vendors to work with AANLCP to provide their product or service to other nurse life care planners
  • Invite colleagues or speakers to provide interesting articles and educational topics for your journal and webinars

Other ways to be an ambassador for AANLCP:

  • Bring AANLCP informational cards when you attend other local or regional meetings.
  • Be a part of our social media crew
  • Work with us on the day of conference to help with logistics
  • Make calls to members
  • Edit publications (not just for the journal)
  • Write or procure an article for the journal
  • Share a resource for the Crashcart
  • Speak on life care planning subject with another association
  • Exhibit to attorneys about Nurse Life Care Planning
  • Complete the Willingness to Serve Form
  • Seek advertisers for the Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning
  • Be a Lifeline mentor

I hope you are reading how easy it is to be an ambassador for AANLCP!  Let us know where you are spreading your AANLCP goodwill by sending a quick email to info@aanlcp.


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