Our trip to the Nursing Alliance…what a blast

Pat Rapson and I have just attended the Nursing Alliance Leadership Academy (NALA), a weekend chock full of essential board member training and information. Our heads are swimming with all of the incredible information as well as the network connections we were able to make.

Some topics covered at this year’s event include Mitigating Risk-addressing insurance, liability, confidentiality and transparency; Strategic Planning, Legal & Financial Stewardship, Board Member Evaluations, and so much more. We even had a session on Parliamentary Procedure Survival Skills that was both educational and highly entertaining. (Who knew there were attorneys who just attend meetings and handle Robert’s Rules of Order?!?!).  While in Louisville, Pat and I worked on several action item lists that arose from the lectures  many of these will roll out in the coming year.

In addition to the great lectures, we also had plenty opportunities for networking. The Alliance is a great place for our association to meet other association leaders. The member organizations are small, medium, large, and even mega in size. They are new and also established. Some are led by a CEO while others have a management company, and others have a combination of a board of directors and other leaders both paid and volunteer.  We met some executive directors and other management company personnel. We also learned that many other organizations have gone through similar growing pains.

We were able to talk to a couple of organizations that have seen great increases in membership and we picked their brains a bit. We talked to organizations that might make great alliances for our organization in benefit to our members. We also learned a lot about how to obtain a management company to provide many of the needed services and planning.

The value received for our participation in the Alliance has paid for itself ten times over. We appreciate being allowed to attend on behalf of the association and feel this is an essential part of the on-boarding process for our organizational leaders.

Looking forward to next year,

Victoria & Pat

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